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"On Canal is proving to be more than just an artistic resurrection-it's a fully formed urban renewal project. "


-Office Magazine

"New York's Canal Street Is Going To Become An Artist District. "


-NY Mag, The Cut ​

"Wallplay, which creates inspirational pop-up exhibits in vacant retail using a grant from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund for this program. They hope the masks not only keep people safe, but also put smiles on the faces of those who wear or see them." ​



Then, Ms. Lynn had an idea: to create “a place where people feel comfortable exploring the physical items” from the time before mobile journalism. This month, she opened “Don’t Bury the Lede,” a pop-up exhibit at 321 Canal Street that is sponsored in part by Wallplay, a company that repurposes empty storefronts. ​


-The New York Times

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